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In 1978, the Lord ‘moved’ on the heart of Idella Knowles to develop a weekend for the ladies of the Church of God of Prophecy, Districts One and Two within the State of Florida.  It was designed for them to come together for a time of spiritual renewal and refreshing. Camp Owassa Bauer in South Florida, was the starting place for the event. The weekends were organized to encourage women to be free from their everyday surroundings and responsibilities and have an opportunity to be alone with God. 

Some of the ladies came with many spiritual challenges, while others came not knowing Christ as their personal Savior. But as the weekends unfolded, with workshops, seminars, small prayer groups, personal counseling and power packed worship services, the Lord ministered to the needs of all who were present. Many were delivered and set free, UPLIFTED and ready to face the challenges awaiting them when they returned to their regular routines. The Ladies Spiritual Uplift became an annual event and the attendance began to grow as the word spread to the other districts. Within three years, the campground became too small for this event and to accommodate the ladies who attended from across the State of Florida, it was necessary to move to larger facilities. 


During the weekend there is ministry available for women of all of ages. Over the years, the conference has grown as a ministry. This growth has included the inclusion of teen girl’s ages 13-17 years old. These young ladies are ministered to in closed sessions designed specifically for their needs and hearts hurts.

Participants have attended from Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Jersey, North Carolina, Tennessee, South Carolina, Illinois, New York, Pennsylvania, Canada, Bahamas, Jamaica, Virgin Islands.


In 2009, the organization the legal name “Ladies Spiritual Uplift International Ministries Inc.” was adopted and utilized until 2015.  During the 2015 conference there was a change in leadership and name. In 2016, Sister to Sister Ministries Inc. was the name confirmed through a voting process to take the Uplift Conferences forwarded.




To reach women for Christ through discipleship, fellowship and service to others.

To Exalt God through praise and worship
To Equip the women through workshops
To Empower through prayer and Bible study
To Encourage through friendship
To Evangelize through Christ Jesus

The objective of the organization is to foster spiritual growth and renewal among women.  We desire to encourage involvement in their local churches as they reach their potential in Christ, and build a sisterhood, friendship, and support network.

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