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SERVE @ Uplift Conference

The engine behind a successful, seamless conference experience is the hard work of volunteers at all levels. From pre-conference planning through to conference weekend, volunteers are integral to ensuring each attendee is able to focus on why she is there - to encounter God, learn, and fellowship with others. We strive to provide a fun, spirit-filled working environment for all team members and invite you to join us in presenting Uplift Conference 2024.


From greeting, seating, and offering directions, Uplift Gatekeepers are the smiling faces of the conference each year. Ladies who serve in this capacity arrive a day early to assemble guest packets, assist with on-site check-in, and give attendees directions throughout the weekend.


This group of ladies are likely the first attendees will meet upon arrival. The Registration team offers exceptional service as women check-in, or register on-site, prior to Friday night and Saturday morning general sessions. When necessary, these women are adept at problem-solving or trouble-shooting to reduce lag or disruption in checking in.

Social Media

As one of the newer teams, the Social Media team offers a digital experience of the conference before, during, and after conference by capturing pictures and video highlights, on-site interviews, and digital announcements among other virtual interactive activations which takes the conference beyond the walls of the host hotel. These ladies are creative, innovative, engaging, and great communicators who serve year-round.


From presentation screens to live streams, these ladies are critical to the live worship experience. They work with our A/V vendor to ensure service announcements, lyrics, and live stream flow seamlessly to enhance the worship experience. These ladies are proficient in presentation software such as PowerPoint, Canva, and EasyWorship, interacting in live chats during service, and other needs as they may arise.

Web Editors

The conference experience begins long before registrations go live thanks to the team working behind the scenes on the conference website and emails. These ladies are good writers and communicators, creative, detail-oriented, and trouble-shooters. This role serves year-round and offers additional administrative support as needed.

Admin Support

It is all in the details! This team of ladies lend support from email communications, data entry, and so on. Ladies who serve in this area are proficient in reading and writing English (a second language is always a plus), and is detail-oriented. This team will interact with attendees and vendors in disseminating pertinent information and answering questions.

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