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Session 1: 10:30 - 11:15 A.M.           Session 2: 11:30 - 12:15 P.M.

Seasons of Womanhood
Fall + Winter

Session 1
Join the conversation! It's an open and honest panel discussion about women's health and life in the later years, focusing on menopause and beyond. What should you expect? Tips on living your healthiest in this season and lots of laughter.

Minister Sophia Smith

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The Council
The Importance of a Quality Friend Group

Sessions 1 + 2

Jesus healed a man, not because of the man's faith, but because of the faith of his friends. Friends who tore the roof off the building to get him in the presence of the Healer. What does your friend group look like? It is time for an honest evaluation.
412954119_679024831094949_7241089705302313777_n (1)_edited.jpg

Pastor Crismerly Rodriguez

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Still On His Radar
God Has Not Forgotten You

Session 2

The Lord spoke and you believed Him. But nothing has happened since and you feel lost and forgotten. Hold your head up and don't lose hope. You are still on His radar. He has not forgotten you. Here's what to do...

Minister Deanne Johnson

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Let Me See Your Stretch Marks
Signs of Growth + Maturity

Session 1
What are the indications that you are growing and maturing? Your stretch marks tell the tale. Often hidden because they are unseemly, stretch marks in the Spirit are badges of honor. They represent God taking you from one level to the next. Growth & Maturity are good! Lemme see your proof.

Pastor Nicole White

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God's Way, Not Mine

Session 2

Sisters, true victory and success comes when we take on a "nevertheless, not my will but Thine be done" posture. Learn to submit to the will of God and follow His directions in every aspect of your life.

Minister Shellie Creasy

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